Five Star Service

Car Free Portland, relax & leave the driving to us! Take the TriMet Bus, MAX rail, cab or shuttle to The VILLA! It’s a great place to stay without a car. Across the street is a major bus route into downtown! And we’re only a few blocks from the Max Rail, Red Line stop directly to the airport.

TIME SCHEDULES (public transit)
Airport to The VILLA**       MAX Rail: RED line
The VILLA to Airport           MAX Rail: RED line
Other destinations              MAX Rail: all lines

TriMet BUS:
Downtown to The VILLA*     TriMet Bus #20  

The VILLA to Downtown      TriMet Bus #20  
Other destinations              TriMet Bus: all routes
Master Schedule: Bus/Rail:                           

         *Use the above if coming from Union Train Station or Greyhound Bus Station
       **Use the above if coming from Portland International Airport, PDX